Our Story

   In the book Little Women, by Lousia May Alcott; the four March sisters created their own little exclusive paper called The Pickwick Portfolio, which is apart of the Pickwick Club. Donning men's names, they wrote, and published the paper happily under the pen names of Mr. Samuel Pickwick, Mr. Augustus Snodgrass, Mr. Tracy Tupman, and Mr. Nathaniel Winkle.

    This sweet little story from a timeless novel is what inspired our founders, Monika and Nicole, to start our paper; The Pickwick Portfolio. It would be the same as what it was in the book; a place for us to write and share our favorite stories, poems, and anything else we choose. Just as in the book. the members would choose pen names. Monika and Nicole, who choose the pen names Mr. Samuel Pickwick, and Mr. Augustus Snodgrass, invited Abigail H. and Abigail to join them in their endeavor, and we heartily accepted. Mr. Snodgrass, and Mr. Pickwick, after much discussion assigned us the names Mr. Tracy Tupman, and Mr. Nathaniel Winkle. We successfully published one issue of the Portfolio, but sadly, that was the only one.

  Nothing was published by the Portfolio for a few years, but finally, we received notification from Mr. Snodgrass asking if we would like start publishing the Pickwick again. When the answer was unanimous, planning began in earnest. Soon, the issue for the month of January was published, this time on our new blog! Sadly, shortly after, Mr. Pickwick decided that he could no longer be apart of the club due to schedule, and bid us farewell. However, we decided that we would start inviting other people who we thought would be an asset to our paper, and a new member was quickly gained. My dear friend Alicia. She was given Abigail's pen name, Mr. Nathaniel Winkle, and Abigail took up the new name Mr. Sam Weller. Our Portfolio was back to four! The second issue was published shortly after. Later that month, Mr. Snodgrass' sister, Gabi joined our club as well, under the name of Theodore Winstint. Now we had five members, and our paper had grown in size as well.

   That, however, was not the last time we would grow! A new member, Kassie joined, and was given the pen name Mr. Samuel Pickwick, since it was no longer in use. By this point, the paper had grown from only having  Main Section, Story Time, and Poets Corner; to having Main Section, Story Time, Poets Corner, Quotes to Note, Noteable Composers, Kitchen Korner, and Nonsensical Notions. The paper had more than doubled in size, and we had went from four members to six. And just recently, our  newest member, Yolanda joined, with the pen name Amaryllis Harrington.

And now, less than a year after the Pickwick was re-started, we have almost doubled in size, both in members, and the paper's size. And we only plan to keep growing! We thank all of our readers, who are sharing in this journey with us.

                                     Long live the Portfolio! 


The Pickwick Club

Mr. Augustus Snodgrass (editor)
Mr. Sam Weller (publisher)
Mr. Nathaniel Winkle
Mr. Theodore Winstint
Mr. Samuel Pickwick
Mr. Tracy Tupman
Miss Amaryllis Harrington


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